Network Integration & Design

We can provide accurate advice and comprehensive support for even the most complex of network issues, combining broad technical and operational skills with extensive experience in network design.

Security review and audit

New security threats constantly arise, resulting in the introduction of new products, services and procedures to combat risks as they emerge. data central creates security measures that offer flexibility, using new approaches to ensure that your security measures evolve with the changes in risk to your IT systems.

System analysis

data central delivers comprehensive analysis of design, specification, feasibility and implementation of IT systems to enable you to execute flexible, secure and cost-effective technology.

Project Management

data central combines flexibility with a structured approach, to deliver consulting, project management and professional services for businesses of all sizes.


data central’s security measures can help avoid programmed threats (viruses etc), malicious behaviour, and policy deficiencies whilst maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies such as ISO 17799 and Federal Governments Privacy Act (Amendment) 2000.