July 9, 2013

Bungala Aboriginal Corporation

Bungala Aboriginal Corporation  currently have a highly skilled and professional computer company – Data Central –  who looks after our business and are very skilled in remote support and monitoring and as our staff are based more than 800 klms from Head Office Andrew & his team have proved to be invaluable in just 18 months. I brought him in to Bungala as I had used his company when I worked in the Northern Territory with remote communities there. He is unbelievable and highly skilled when it comes to remote and computers, etc. He specialises in this and has been very successful and I can testify to why.  Data Central has proven to be excellent in all things computer related and until Andrew & his team came on board our communications were primitive to say the least. Andrew Cunningham from Data Central is everything thing you will ever need for your business. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.


Sharon Mac Kenzie