July 9, 2013

Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council

DataCentral assisted Council with the development  of a fully integrated ‘one stop shop’ concept for It, telecommunications, website design, development and maintenance, managed services, CCTV, AVDATA and resupply of consumables.    The ‘one stop shop’ concept has achieved significant cost efficiencies and staff productivity savings.   Council is achieving an approximate annual cost saving of about 45% across the entire ICT spectrum.   Staff personal development, up skilling and productivity has risen sharply and has been maintained.   As a remote aboriginal council, DASC faces unique challenges such as the tyranny of distance for managed services, resupply and maintenance, remote managed services is a constant challenge for remote councils.   DataCentral has created a customer focused environment where through the ‘one stop shop’ concept, there is no discernible difference between the service available in capital cities and that which is delivered at Doomadgee.   DataCentral as a mid range supplier is able offer all of the expertise required and access to leading edge technology at significant cost savings to council than that which was achievable from the larger industry players.   DataCentral was the only provider who through a transparent tender process was able to provide a service level agreement which met Council’s KPIs and accountabilities.   DASC proudly believes that it has the best fully integrated ICT, AVDATA and CCTV platform in the region which is achieving measureable efficiencies on an ongoing basis.

Gary J. Cleary

Manager-Corporate Services

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